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Sand Bhogah Retreats

At Lakeside Massage & Wellness and Sankalpa Yoga we have created our own exclusive wellness and personal growth brand! We are excited to invite you on engaging travel that is sure to help you grow, connect, and discover your Sankalpa locally and across the globe! At Sand Bhogah Yoga Retreats, we believe in the power of taking time for yourself and connecting with like-minded people. Join us for one of our retreats where we will offer you an unforgettable experience at one of our beautiful destinations. Discover the power of connecting to yourself and to others through mindful meditations, yoga, workshops, culture and food in a peaceful, serene environment. Let our experienced guides help you dive deeper into your wellness journey so that you can take those tools and apply them to your life even after the retreat concludes. Our retreats are designed to help you rejuvenate, breathe, discover, connect, practice, unite, and release stress. Our retreats offer a chance to reset and discover a new foundation within your practice and embark on an unforgettable yoga and wellness journey.

For more info on upcoming retreats please email us at

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Amorgos, Greece
May 16-23, 2025

Join Marie and Sankalpa Bhogah Yoga for a once in a lifetime retreat experience. Immerse yourself into the tranquility of the Aegean Sea's breathtaking views as you're guided through roof top and Shala yoga 2 times a day (all levels are welcome), Participate in workshops and inclusive activities where we will discover yummy cultural inspired and cooked meals and learn about traditional Greek customs and ways of life. Spend your days exploring the island, the local shops and towns, swimming in the deep blue waters , scuba diving, relaxing in the on site spa, or just enjoying the beauty that surrounds you! It is our goal as to create the experience of a lifetime and connect each of you to your inner Greek Goddess as we embark on a 7 night journey of relaxation, self discovery, and true connection in the beautiful Mediterranean.

This is a unique opportunity to experience all the wonder that the Greek islands have to offer. This retreat will sell out fast so don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity

For East Coast travelers, Greece is 7 hours ahead of the current time

For West Coast Travelers, Greece is 10 hours ahead of the current time zone so plan accordingly

***As an add on (additional cost) to your trip you can choose to join us early in Athens and/ or Continue on with us to explore the Islands. 

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